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This is the 289 Model Replica from Unique Motorcars. We hope you will find the information on this page helpful in getting acquainted with our 289 product. Our capabilities in building fine quality Cobra* Replicas is well known. We offer kits and turnkeys in both the famous 289 Model and the 427 Model.

The 289 Model Cobra* is the car that won the coveted manufacturers trophy back in the 1960s. This was the premier racecar that made the Cobra* a household word, and brought American motors, namely Ford, to international racing fame. Our 289  Model Replicar is very authentic to the original body design. We have used only authentic parts and hardware to ensure that this car requires an expert close look to tell it is in-fact a replica. We offer aluminum engine, trunk, grill mouth and oil cooler shroud panels (optional) to perpetuate the original look of this beautiful car. We use only the highest quality leather on original style seats. The beautifully finished door panels are done in a durable matching naugahyde. The dash is also covered in a more indestructible naugahyde resembling the leather very closely. We custom fabricate each set of headers and side pipes to fit the exact engine block you are going to employ in your dream machine. We have "dummy blocks" for each small, or large, block engine type. These are not extra, as in many kits, but are an integral part of our "deluxe pallet kit". We use the original dashboard layout, the forward braced roll bar, and many other items to make your car not only authentic to the original, but also very safe and comfortable for you, the driver. We look forward to getting a request for quotation from you for one of these famous and very fine kits. You will be rewarded, not only in the thrill of driving a classic, but also in the exhilarating power and acceleration these cars provide. By going with Unique, you also ensure your financial investment with the highest resale value of any kit Cobra* replica.

Let us look at some of the basic differences between
the 289 and the 427 Models.

Above, we start with the front grill mouth and notice that it is larger at the bottom than the top. The 427 is bigger at the top, but more symmetrical overall than the 289 Model.


The rear trunk has a "dimple" on the 289, whereas the 427 is smooth. Also, the 289 has a bungee cord to hold the trunk shut in competition. The "dimples" on the trunk lid were caused by the requirement for a certain size piece of luggage to be carried in FIA cars. The "dimples" were necessary to make room!


Here we see the side light to light the racing numbers at night.


The "Le Mans" type gas filler cap is on the turtle deck of the 289, and on the rear fender of the 427. Note the black powder coated roll bar.

The dashboard layout of the 289 and the forward braced roll bar.

Here is a side view of a competition "dressed" 289 car. Note the "quick jacks in-lieu-of bumpers. This car is equipped with Unique Motorcars "Le Mans" hardtop.


This is our aluminum trunk. (an optional item.)


A properly "dressed" small block engine in our 289 car. This was the original set up. The first cars had a 289 C.I.D. block, thus the 289 name designation for the car Model. Some of the 289 competition cars had Weber carburetors which give it a really nice look and more power throughout the RPM range for road racing.


The racing stripes are also different between the two Models. You will notice that the 289 has only a "team stripe" across usually one fender. The 427 Model has two wide racing stripes right down the middle, end-for-end.


Now compare these items to the 427 Model page (click here) and note the other differences between the two Model cars.

For more information on 289s, please see this magazine reprint; "Topping A Cobra*".