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Having manufactured Cobra Replicas since 1977 and after winning numerous awards and building a large base of satisfied customers, Unique Motorcars had long desired to enter the Street Rod Market. After long discussions with Street Rod builders, enthusiasts and industry insiders the decision was made to develop the '36 Cabriolet®.


 After two and a half years of extensive development we are excited to introduce our hand laminated fiberglass '36 Cabriolet®. First, we completed a ground up restoration of a original steel-bodied 1936 Cabriolet owned by Tom Robeson of Knoxville, Tennessee. Next, we created molds from the original body. Then we tooled and re-tooled the molds in order to offer you the finest fiberglass reproduction on the market.


   We have also replaced the typical wood body reinforcement with laser cut steel plate and pre-formed square steel tubing. This makes for a stronger, longer lasting reinforcement and a cleaner finish. Unique has established a reputation for the highest quality in fit and finish. We are confident that our '36 Cabriolet® will be recognized for the quality and ease of assembly.


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