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Parts Room

The parts room is the place we store all the small accessory pieces and assorted items used in our daily car production. We must stock quite an assortment of items in order to ensure normal production schedules. Even though this room is "nothing to remember" as a big item on our tour, nevertheless, it is an all important place in our daily operations.


These two pictures are taken of different portions of the parts room. Not much to look at, but full of expensive accessory items and small parts very much required in our operations.

Unique not only stocks these parts, we make many of the parts no longer in production on the open market. We do this to have on-hand the authentic items needed to produce the quality of car that we have been noted for manufacturing for the past twenty odd years. With a Unique kit, you know you are getting an authentic, top quality car of your dreams.

This ends the factory tour. We are pleased that you took the time to tour with us. We feel we have an interesting plant, and we hope that you agree. Now that you've had the virtual tour, come on by and see us in person and let us shake your hand, we'll give you a ride in one of these fabulous cars! Thanks again!