Unique Motorcars

Worldwide Since 1977

Factory Tour


The Unique Motorcars factory covers approximately  twenty-five thousand feet under one roof. The Unique plant consists of seven different departments/areas. You may click on a department (below) to be taken to that area of the factory you wish to visit.

Sales department & offices
Fiberglass shop
Fabrication/Welding shop
Assembly shop
Component shop
Final assembly area
Parts room

When you first enter the facility you will see the show room area, with the offices immediately behind. We always have at least one finished car displayed on the show room floor. You will also see a few of the trophies displayed around the show room. You will be greeted by a member of the Weaver family who will be glad to give you a personally guided tour of our factory that will build your dream car. No sales people are employed at Unique, only the Weaver family. They proudly build and sell these beautiful cars.

Entering the work area you will see several kits under construction, as it's not uncommon for up to twelve in the assembly area at one time. You will be taken to the fiberglass shop where 289 and 427 molds are utilized for building bodies for these two model cars. You'll notice that all our bodies are hand laid glass. Be sure and ask for an explanation as why this is a better method than chopper gun glass work used by most kit manufactures.

Next you will go into the chassis (or frame) shop where we build a custom frame for each car from the ground up. You will find why our frames are very rigid and do not show flexing even under extreme driving conditions.

In the parts room, and in the component shop, you will find all the hardware used in a Unique Cobra* Replica is top quality and accurate to the original parts. We manufacture those items no longer available to the replica market in general rather than take second best.

The paint and final assembly areas are the last portion of your plant tour. There, you will see the final touches of various kits and turnkey cars, and realize that no customer of Unique ever has to do any fiberglass work or welding. You'll also see that we pay lots of attention to detail at Unique. You will be surprised when you see how really complete a deluxe pallet kit is when it is ready to leave the factory. From the frame to the soft top, custom side pipes and the leather interior, it's all included in a Unique for a fair price.

Please take the time to visit each area of our plant. You will learn something about us, and our Cobra* Replicas that we are so proud of and  produce in our Gadsden, Alabama factory.